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what to do when the fridge is empty ..?

April 15, 2010

open a friendly wine, right ..?

I did!
.. a Rioja Reserva DOC 2004 La Barca, which is always a guarantee of good memories.

But there remains the small problem..

Hhmm .. no gratin goat cheese .. no pasta bolognesa.. no spice beef

Rioja opened, decanted, waiting for some company to pair with..

In the Netherlands, as the Dutch … original..? (I know, I know….. no so much)

Well, take a bunch of left over and put it together as friends to party:
toast, eggs, cheese Gouda 48 +, archterham naturel with Pecorino Romano DOC 48 +, corn and carrot juliana ..
and surprise.. lovely pairing

When the wine is powerful all that comes with it enlarges,
it creates the soul and makes a happier night
try, without prejudice ..

Aaaaahhh …and on the wine:

  • General Description:

Estate Bottled

Tempranillo grape fruit made as it should be done, and concetrate rich and well balanced .. aaaahhh with mushrooms … just perfect for a Friday night!

bought in a supermarket for 5.95 euros Jumbo

  • Wine Tasting Notes:

Color: ruby red with alo of evolution (Notes brick), bright

aromas: clean, intense (med +), caffee, chocolate, leather, clove, earth notes, blond grass

black fruit (plum)

mor nose, elegant

Palate: dry, full body with lots of tannin and alcohol, balanced acidity. A final not so long, but enjoyable, “round”, soft and rich. Shows a blonde with black pepper, coffee and chocolate in harmony with the black fruit (plum and notes of olive)

  • Personal Rating:

Style “old world” with elegance and robustexz that only the Spaniards with good body can exhibit.

great for a late-night and also with meat, barbeques ..

.. and for less than 6EUR! .. just perfect!


  • Wine Adventures:

after 2 days the wine was not-very-good, and I was already regretting not having treated him well and put in a smaller bottle with Vacuvin ..

5 days after the wine was more-than-very good! .. and I did not know what was done right. After all there was not decanted, or kept as it should and he was in the refrigerator for almost a week.

7 days after the wine was excellent! .. Jaw-dropping! Spanish .. these are really strong and robust, face time with a grace that only Porva know the pleasure that may have ..

The next bottle will be grounded for 6 days before having the honor to go down the cup

.. eheheheheheh ..

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